Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) is a worldwide business network founded in London in 1975 to provide a forum for Australians working in Europe and for European business people associated with Australia. The founding members believed that such an organisation would enable these people to meet regularly, to get to know each other and to discuss topics of mutual interest. ABIE has always been an apolitical organisation whose aspirations lie solely in providing the means for those interested in bilateral trade and investment between Europe and Australia to establish contact with similarly dedicated colleagues.

ABIE’s mission statement: Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) brings together multiple organisations representing Australian and Australian-interested organisations across Europe with the shared objective of growing and strengthening the trade, investment, business and diplomatic ties between the two regions.

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There are organisations in Australia, Belgium, Finland, France, Holland, Denmark, Greece and the UK, who count as part of the ABIE network and all have members with business interests in Europe and Australia.

Membership of German Australian Business Council entitles you to attend the events of all other ABIE organisations and we encourage you to attend these international events.


ABIE Website

European Business (Australia)
Mr Oliver Jankowsky – President

ABIE Netherlands

Jennifer Tucker

ABIE Belgium

Dr. David G.Demetrius – Chairman

Australian – United Kingdom Chamber of Commerce

Australia Centre
London WC2B 4LG
Tel: +44 2070998444


ABIE France

Mr. Bernard Tabary – President
ABIE France Secretariat – Emily Cunningham
C/- Australian Embassy
4 rue Jean Rey
75724 Paris cedex 15


Hellenic Australian Business Council

German Australian Business Council (GABC) (formerly ABIE Germany)

German Australian Business Council (GABC) e.V.
Postfach 120143
60114 Frankfurt am Main


Australasian Business in Europe – Czech Republic

James Turnbull

Tel: +420 604 891 330

European Australian Business Council

Jason Collins

43 Phillip Street
Sydney, New South Wales 2000

Tel: +61 2 8272 0600

Australian Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry
PO Box 1020
CH-8000 – Zurich –

Tel: +41 44 380 15 65 or +41 (0)1 2543418


Finland Australia Business Council
c/o Suomi-Australia yhdistysten Liitto ry
Meritullinkatu 20 A 1
00170 Helsinki

Tel: +358-45-2330 996

Australia Spain Business Association                                                                                           

German Australian Business Association