The Australian Trade and Investment Commission – Austrade – is the Australian Government’s trade, investment and education promotion agency.

Through a global network of offices, Austrade assists Australian companies to grow their international business, attracts productive
foreign direct investment into Australia, assists tourism operators by strengthening Australian tourism and promotes Australia’s alt
education sector internationally.

Assistance to potential international investors includes:

initial coordination of inquiries
market intelligence and investment opportunities
identifying investment opportunities, locations and partners in Australia
advice on Australian government programs and approval processes
information on the Australian business, governance and regulatory framework.
Why Australia

Growth: Following 23 years of growth, Australia’s large, stable and diverse economy is set for continued economic expansion through strong trade links to dynamic markets.

Innovation: With significantly increased expenditure on research and development, high-quality research and an integrated innovation framework, Australia is an attractive destination for bringing new ideas to life.

Location: Australia’s strategic location and convenient time zone offer an ideal platform from which to do business within the high-growth Asian region.

Business: A well-regulated and transparent commercial environment makes it easy to establish and operate a business in Australia.

Talent: Australia’s workforce is highly skilled, highly educated and multilingual, connected to both western and Asian cultures.

Pipeline: A combination of Australia’s significant infrastructure construction pipeline and privatisation pipeline, sophisticated and developed PPP market and globally respected capability in infrastructure, presents

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