South Australia is a global economic force that should not be ignored. On the back of two decades of uninterrupted economic growth, SA recorded growth of 2.4% in the past 12 months, Australia’s highest (per capita).

South Australia continues to shape its future as a globally competitive business environment – where the benefits of the state’s economic expansion will be shared by investors :

  • More than $80 billion worth of major projects in the pipeline.
  • World-leading minerals and renewable energy assets and a robust, resilient, knowledge-based economy with a highly competitive business environment and a flexible and skilled workforce.
  • Internationally renowned mining, energy, defence and construction sectors.
  • Innovative and adaptable high-value manufacturing skills and expertise and a world-class education system.
  • A history of collaboration and strong partnerships between industry and government and
  • Deep relationships with and proximity to China and India.

The Government of South Australia, which maintains a European office in London, is pro-business and welcomes international investment. Its support for business investment includes:

  • Access to key government decision-makers.
  • Making available affordable land linked to international transport corridors and necessary infrastructure.
  • A dedicated investment case-management service to streamline approvals and investors’ establishment.
  • An ambitious and successful red-tape reduction program.
  • Creating 100,000 training places within broader activity to meet industry demand for skilled workers.
  • Pro-investment programs such as the Plan for Accelerating Exploration (PACE), which has resulted in extraordinary growth in the state’s minerals and energy sector and will continue to drive sustainable economic development.

SA is Australia’s renewable energy State:

  • 20% of the State’s electricity is produced by renewable sources (33% of the State’s electricity is to be met by renewable sources by 2020).
  • SA has an outstanding wind resource (currently hosts 54% of Australia’s installed wind capacity – 1.15 GW) and Australia’s best commercial solar resource.