ABIE Website Launch

Australia Day 2017 saw the launch of an exciting new initiative to encourage co-operation and interaction between members of the group members of the ABIE international network.

 Founded in London in 1975, ABIE has grown into a dynamic network of organisations with a combined international membership of several thousand Australians working in Europe and Europeans involved with Australian industry and commerce, together representing both Australian companies with business interests in Europe and a wide range of European companies and professional organisations with reciprocal interests in Australia.

 The purpose of the ABIE international network is to strengthen the contact and co-operation between different ABIE groups, the sharing of expertise and contacts, building common platforms for joint activities and initiatives, and meeting together to discuss issues affecting its collective membership.

 The website was launched in Paris, Frankfurt and Munich at the Australia Day events of ABIE France and the German Australian Business Council, two cornerstone members of the ABIE international network. In Paris and Frankfurt it was launched by ABIE Czech Republic board member Richard York and in Munich by German Australian Business Council board member Eberhard Goihl. 

 “This website provides a one-stop-shop for ABIE members travelling around Europe, to find out in one click what is happening in their destination city “, he said.  “And we also hope it will help facilitate ABIE members deciding from time to time to cross borders specifically to participate in some of the fantastic events organised around the network”.  Richard emphasised that members of each ABIE group are entitled to attend events organised by other ABIE groups in any other country at the member rates.

 The website can be found at ABIE.EU.