AFL Germany Crowdfunding for Euro Cup 2022

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AFL Germany was founded in 1999 by two clubs the Frankfurt Redbacks and Munich Kangaroos. Over the upcoming years 5 more teams in five other german cities (Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin, Stuttgart and Cologne) joined the competition. In 2021 two more teams joined the competition from Heidelberg and Kiel. Until today the AFL Germany consists of 9 teams from around germany fighting against each other for the german championship title.

Since 2022 the AFL Germany league is being overseen and managed by the Deutscher Australian Football Verband e.V. The DAFV is the association overlooking the league operations and both national teams the German Eagles. Since february 2022 the german eagles have received the honor to wear the german eagle the federal coat of arms on their new team wear from our Outfitter Uhlsport. The german eagles are the national team who represent the DAFV and the german australian football on international level.

The Euro Cup in Australian Football will take place in June 2022. The venue is Edinburgh, Scotland. Both the men’s and women’s national teams have qualified for the Euro Cup. Under the name “German Eagles”, our two teams will represent Germany and, of course, give their all to bring home the European Championship title. To achieve this, we intend to arrive with a squad of 16 players plus 3 coaches per team that is as strong as possible, but above all as complete as possible. An international tournament with 40 players is always a financially costly undertaking. As a non-Olympic fringe sport, we unfortunately do not receive any state funding. Therefore, we depend on your support! Support us now – every contribution counts!

We intend to use the proceeds to cover part of the team costs for equipment as well as on site (accommodation, food, transport, tournament fees). In this way, financially weaker performers in our squad can concentrate fully on preparing for the Euro Cup. The booster club of Australian Rules Football in Deutschland e.V. is recognised as a non-profit organisation and can issue donation receipts. Every supporter who makes a free donation without a premium in return can receive a donation receipt if required. In this way we are also looking for further shirt sponsors and long-term partners who would like to cooperate with our association and promote both Australian Football in general and our national teams in particular!

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The successful qualification is the reward of a continuous success story of Australian Football in Germany. Consequently, the German Eagles have enjoyed a number of successes in recent years. The German Eagles men finished runners-up in Season 2 in their first World Cup appearance in 2017. In addition, our men won the bronze medal in the “9-aside” format (9 field players per team) at the 2017 and 2019 Euro Cups. The German Eagles ladies have also been making international appearances since the inception of the women’s league in 2018. Already at the Euro Cup 2019, the ladies were able to win a bronze medal. Our ladies’ greatest success to date was the European Championship runner-up in the “18-aside” format in London in 2019.