Business Council Public Hearing Appearance – FTA Negotiation Inquiry, 20 October

Following the Free Trade Agreement submission made by the German Australian Business Council, we have been invited by the Joint Standing Committee on Trade and Investment Growth to appear at a public hearing in Parliament House, Canberra regarding their inquiry into the Australian Government’s approach to negotiating trade and investment agreements.

The public hearing will be broadcast on the Parliament House website (link below). Individuals can listen to the public hearing by clicking on the relevant link on the website. A recording of the public hearing will also be uploaded to the website.

Date: Friday, 20 October 2023

Time: 3:10 to 3:50pm AEDT / 6:10 to 6:50am CEST

Link: Watch, Read, Listen – Parliament of Australia (

Representing the Business Council at the public hearing are board members: The Hon. André Haermeyer, Dr Robert Harrison, Elisabeth Opie and Dr Sabine Pittrof.

If you are interested, please feel free to click on the link and follow the hearing.