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Rules and Data Protection
I/We hereby apply to become a member/members of the German Australian Business Council e.V. I/We have read the Articles of Association of the German Australian Business Council e.V. and agree to be bound by their terms as a member. I/We agree that my/our name(s), contact details, position(s) and company details as provided in this form (or amended via email or post) to the German Australian Business Council e.V. (GABC) may be published in an electronic and / or hardcopy GABC Directory from time to time. This directory will be available to GABC members and staff only.
We agree to receive GABC information/newsletters by email. I/We further agree that photographs of me/us taken at GABC events may appear in GABC publications (e.g. newsletter) and/or on the GABC website.
I/We hereby agree to adhere to the German Australian Business Council e.V. Code of Conduct

Please note that the GABC will not provide your contact details to third parties without your express permission.

Membership Fee

The Individual Membership fee is €100.00 per calendar year. The additional fee for the full membership of a spouse, partner or family member of the Individual Member is €40.00 per calendar year.

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I understand that the German Australian Business Council may store my personal data for the purposes of informing me about their activities. I agree that they may contact me by email or by letter in the future. You can find our privacy policy at