Graphite from Zavalievsky mine in Ukraine

Recently, Perth-based company Volt Resources Limited re-started their graphite mine in Ukraine and in a recent webinar organised jointly with our member company DGWA, we were able to learn about the logistic and personnel challenges faced by the  Zavalievsky Graphite company in their operations. CEO Prashant Chintawa and Trevor Matthews, Director of Volt Resources, together with Roman Saramaga, CEO of Zavalievsky Graphite, reported on their activities.

Graphite is one of the most important materials for the transition to the green economy, as it is a major component required for the manufacture of anodes in lithium-ion batteries (LIB) for electric vehicles, for example. Currently, China is the major supplier of graphite to Europe, but there is a need for a major diversification of sources, which will be encouraged by the forthcoming European Union’s Critical Raw Materials Act.

The webinar can be viewed on YouTube® at this link.

The webinar was organised by the GABC Raw Materials Focus Group. We shall be organising further events – feel free to sign up for further information.