Summer Networking Event

Bob’s Fine Wines, Hofheim, Frankfurt

A group of enthusiastic ABIE Germany members and friends met in Hofheim (near Frankfurt) on 3 August 2013 to venture on a gourmet trip of the Australian wine industry. Hosted by Bob’s Fine Wines in their beautifully restored half-timber house, ABIE Germany attendees were not only presented with a range of fine wines produced by Anvers Winery but also with an insight into the current status of the Australian Wine Industry. Anvers owner and creator Wayne Keoghan mesmerized the audience with lovely reports around the making of the wines and the stories behind the mysterious labels and names. Many thanks go to ABIE Germany member Bob Gogan and his wife Monika as well as Anvers owner Wayne Keoghan for a very entertaining evening which lasted well into the night and gave ABIE Germany members and friends a chance for more informal networking and a different perspective on an important Australian industry.