The Great Reassessment: Perspectives from Australia and Germany, Frankfurt, October 2022

ingeniam and the German Australian Business Council were pleased to host a joint event, in celebration of their respective 20th and 25th anniversaries on 24th of October 2022 at the ingeniam facilities in Frankfurt.

Both speakers:

  • Stephan Breitfeld – Managing Partner, ingeniam, Frankfurt
  • Allan Laurie – Managing Partner, NOVUS Search Partners,  Sydney

provided insights into recent phenomena called Great Reassessment both from Australian and German perspectives.

Many employees and employers are reviewing their opportunities worldwide, as remote working is becoming more common. Nevertheless, the legal framework to facilitate the so-called “Nomad-Visas” between Germany and Australia, neede to be enhanced by their respective governments. For the time being, remote working is allowed within the EU, for a certain period of time, in order to keep the remote worker subject of taxation in the member state of origin.

In Australia remote working is allowed between the different states, as Allan illustrated, working for  Novus based in Sydney, from his home in Regional Victoria. He also mentioned that certain companies in Australia are currently hiring remote workers from Latin America.

Beside his time at Novus, Allan also provided insights as the Chief Executive Officer of Munarra – Australia’s First Indigenous Led University –  beginning the operation in 2024.

Stephan informed that the extended periods of remote working might increase the flexibility to take on new jobs opportunities, which on the other hand, might decrease the loyalty. Inclusive work environments and soft skills like empathy, vulnerability of the leadership are becoming more important. Moderated by the Deputy Chair, Sabine Pittrof, the attendees were given the opportunity to shape actively the discourse e.g. asking how blue collar workers are trying to shift from their presence jobs into remote working.

The participants let the event fade away in a relaxing, networking atmosphere.