AHK Webinar: Industry Focus- War for Talent

Business Council Members and Friends are invited to take part in a webinar organised by the AHK in Australia.

Industry Focus: War for Talent

1st of September, 2021

6am- 7am (German Time)/ 2pm-3pm AEST

In this English-language webinar the challenges of the “War for Talent” will be discussed, and the AHK will also use the discussion to form a Policy Advisory Committee Discussion Paper on the topic. With the Australian border closed since March 2020, long-existing skills gaps or lack of specialists became acute. How has this impacted businesses and how have leading universities responded to this? Australia is already suffering from a lack of workers with job ads at their highest in 12 years with businesses struggling to fill positions.

Speakers are:

Sally Wilson, Senior International Strategist at The University of Queensland

Hanno Blankenstein, CEO and Co-founder at Unleash Live

The discussion will be moderated by Simone Whetton, Partner at Colin Biggers & Paisley, Board Member of AHK Australien and Chairperson of the Chamber’s Policy Advisory Committee.

For more information and bookings please click here Industry Focus: War for Talent ( . GABC European Members are invited to register using the AHK Member option.