BellaSeno MedTech Online Event, November 2020

On Wednesday 4 November, we had the pleasure of hosting an online event with our member Dr Mohit Chhaya, co-founder and CEO of BellaSeno GmbH. BellaSeno is an award- winning ISO 13485-certified clinical-stage MedTech company developing innovative 3D-printed, resorbable implants for soft tissue reconstruction, with a particular emphasis on breast reconstruction.

Dr Chhaya shared his journey starting with his PhD research on tissue engineering in Australia back in 2011 where Australia’s interdisciplinary research approach and its core research facilities concept were integral in fast-tracking his research development. The PhD followed with a 2014 Fellow Scholarship sponsored by the Universities Australia and German Academic Exchange Service (or DAAD), which allowed Dr Chhaya to establish a direct collaboration with plastic surgeons at the University Hospital in Munich. This experience allowed him to assess the practical application of his research which led him to pivot to a new clinical technique.

With proof of concept and commercial feasibility, Dr Chhaya was then able to exclusively license the technology from QUT in Australia and TU Munich in Germany to start the company, With support from German angel investor and bioentrepreneur Dr Herbert Stadler and the State Development Bank of Saxony, BellaSeno was founded in Leipzig in 2017.

Since then, BellaSeno has gone on to further finetune their scaffold for surgical practicality, develop their medical addictive and device manufacturing capabilities in Germany for certification and more recently, conduct their first human clinical study in Brisbane. Looking ahead, Dr Chhaya shared that BellaSeno will be expanding its clinical trials over the next two years before going-to-market in 2024/2025.

For those that missed the session, a recording is available here (Password f66+20L?).