FEINFORM Summer Event, Frankfurt, 18 August 2022

Members and friends of the German Australian Business Council enjoyed an informal summer networking event at Rena Jarosewitsch’s atélier FEINFORM in the beautiful Frankfurter ‘new Altstadt’, with delicious chocolates courtesy of Valrhona, natural wine from Nature’s Calling and a selection of delightful Australian drops from the AustralienWinestore.

Starting life training in glass art, Rena is a goldsmith and jewellery designer, as well as a long-time member of the Business Council. As well as the Rhein-Main region, she spent several years living and working in New Zealand, and exhibited in New Zealand, Australia, the USA as well as Germany. Her stain-glass windows can be found in churches and museums in Auckland and Christchurch.

She was delighted to be able to open her atélier FEINFORM in the newly renovated Altstadt in Frankfurt in 2018. Passionate in preserving history in the Frankfurter Alstadt, Rena immortalizes images of the Frankfurter Dom and its rose window on her latest pendant creation, as well as images of the buildings and streets (then and now) in her book of the Altstadt.

Valrhona believes in and the people behind the product, ensuring transparency to chocolate lovers of knowing the stories behind their delights. The people behind the product are just as important to Nature’s Calling, that anyone wanting to know can call a telephone number on their bottles.

Thank you, Rena, for hosting us and organising the yummy refreshments!