Official Opening of CSL Behring’s R&D Centre, Marburg, September 2022

CSL Behring in Marburg has grown and grown that space for groundbreaking research were becoming tight and research talents were spread throughout the site. Thanks to R&D managing directors Vicky Pirzas and Lars Grönke and the investment of CSL global, the new M600 R&D centre has become a reality, bringing 500 CSL innovators together under one roof.

The CO2-neutral building is architecturally designed with future ways of activity-based working in mind and offers an inspiring environment with state-of-the-art laboratories. Coworking spaces combine collaborative and individual work situations through an open space design.

Marburg is an area of the world important to CSL as its CSL Behring business has an industry-leading manufacturing presence, and the company’s history is rooted in the town. There Emil von Behring, the first Nobel Prize in Medicine winner, pioneered the use of plasma to treat patients suffering from diphtheria. The science and innovation taking place in Marburg and across the region will drive further development of the region into a globally recognized innovation center

The German Australian Business Centre is very proud of having such a driver of innovation in its membership and thank Vicky Pirzas for inviting us to witness this momentous event.